An extraordinary expedition to the wreck of the "Polish Titanic".
"MS Piłsudski - underwater mission"

Thanks to virtual reality technology and VR goggles, the creators of the film “MS Piłsudski – underwater mission” take viewers on an extraordinary journey through time and space. It is the only opportunity to stand on the deck of the Polish transatlantic liner, peek into its interiors, and visit the port of Gdynia from the 1930s. Viewers also sit in a virtual bathyscaphe and descend 30 meters underwater to explore the wreck. In this extraordinary journey, they are accompanied by the film’s characters who experience incredible adventures.

The film “MS Piłsudski – underwater mission” was co-funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The film was directed by Daniel Zduńczyk and written by Zygmunt Fit, Anna Osiadacz, and Daniel Zduńczyk. The film’s producer is the Koncept Kultura Foundation, with co-producers including the Center for Audiovisual Technologies (CeTA) and the “Niepodległa” Bureau. The technological producer is Virtual Magic.