VirtualMagic studio operates since 1995. Initially, the studio specialized mainly in creating graphics for tv shows and tv commercials. One of Poland’s top tv series “Świat według Kiepskich” received its first CGI from VirtualMagic. The studio produced various commercial projects and multiple independent short film 3D animations and one feature film 3D animation, many of which won an array of prestigious international film awards.

Today, VirtualMagic focuses mainly on creating animations in 3D and producing films also in VIRTUAL PRODUCTION technology. Studio’s largest achievement is completed production of a full feature-length animated film “The Golden Drops” (“Jak uratować mamę”). It was an utmost challenge as the film combines two technologies, traditional 2D drawing animation and hyper realistic 3D stereoscopic set designs.

Summarizing our operations, we prefer projects that are interesting, large and educational, historic and entertaining.We are also developing in the direction of games and VR technologies. We keep perfecting our craft using our experience in broadest possible way. We work on state-of-the-art equipment and have a team of highly-skilled artists, who offer great knowledge, multiple years of experience as well as creativity and personal engagement.


Forest Ranger Symulator

Forest Ranger Simulator is a game that encourages nature conservation and a conscious approach to environmental management. The protection of forests, animals, and the entire ecosystem…

An extraordinary expedition to the wreck of the "Polish Titanic"

Thanks to virtual reality technology and VR goggles, the creators of the film “MS Piłsudski – underwater mission” take viewers on an extraordinary journey through time and space…

The Multimedia Gallery of works by Bogusław Schaeffer - VR360

The VR360 Multimedia Gallery is a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of Bogusław Schaeffer’s creativity through the latest VR technology…


“ŚLAD” (“TRACE”) is the latest TV series from POLSAT, inspired by criminal productions such as CSI. To make “ŚLAD” visually different from traditional TV series, the Virtual Magic studio has developed…

Lost Circus

“Lost Circus VR” is a virtual tour into a deserted circus with surprises. VR technology ensures the film both interactive action and amazingly realistic experience:). It offers a spooky trip…

Świat według Kiepskich

Świat według Kiepskich is an iconic Polish sitcom. First episodes were released on air in 1999. It was the first Polish series, for which Virtual Magic studio realized CGI, which for that time was…


“The Golden Drops” is an animated fairy tale aobut 2 siblings, 6-year-old Adam and 15-year-old Aneta. Children set out on an amazing journey full of adventures into a medieval land to find…

of Cieszyn in 3D

History of Cieszyn 3D is a short documentary which introduces the colourful history of the town of Cieszyn from its founding till today. Application of 3D technology, we feel to be a part of hunting…

Underground in 5D

“Mysterious Underground 5D” is a thrilling ride in a cart in a deserted mine of crystals. In this journey into the earth, you’ll be amazed by forgotten corridors of the old mine, underground chambers and ice blocks.


Prehistoric Oceanarium is the first of its kind endeavour in the world. 3D technology sends the viewers in time 200 million years into the past to admire the prehistoric inhabitants of the seas…


Asylum 5D is a story of a haunted psychiatric hospital, where every room holds dark secrets and dangerous traps. The plot with twists and turns provides thrills every minute. It’s the first Polish…

and Kokosz

“Kajko i Kokosz” is a short screen adaptation of an iconic Polish comic book by Janusz Christ entitled “Zamach na Milusia” now realized in 3D technology. Thanks to amazing acting performance…


Levels LUT

LevelsLUT it’s a package of 12 awesome presets lut, designed for coloring an image recorded with the S-Log2/3 and Blackmagic FILM Log. LevelsLut is specially designed LUT files with an innovative staging of brightness and shadow. Colorization has never been so fast, simple and creative.

Color Grading

Color Grading is the last stage of image post-production. We have at our customers’ disposal a professional color correction station based on the Davinci Resolve system.


Virtual film production is already in Poland! Our studio offers innovative solutions such as Virtual Production, Virtual Set, Led Volume, Camera Tracking. At Virtual Magic, we will create 3D or AI virtual film environments for you. We will also build a real foreground set design.