History of Cieszyn in 3D

History of Cieszyn 3D is a short documentary which introduces the colourful history of the town of Cieszyn from its founding till today. Application of 3D technology, we feel to be a part of hunting with the characters or walking in the chambers of the Cieszyn Castle.

The film focuses on key historical events which influenced the town and development of the whole region. Faithfully recreated interiors, costumes and historic events are a true treasure of knowledge for fans of history of this beautiful place. Realistic 3D animations make it even more appealing.
We can, for example, see from bird’s eye view how Cieszyn evolved over time.

We cooperated at this production with specialists from the Muzeum Śląska Cieszyńskiego (Museum of Cieszyn Silesia), Muzeum Drukarstwa w Cieszynie (Museum of Printing, Cieszyn) and the Regional Museum in Sroda Slaska. We used military equipment, outdoor locations made available to us by the Historical Reenactment Group OKA as well as weapons and costumes of a group of lovers of the Middle Ages. Contacts with people from local theatre called Těšínské Divadlo allowed us to obtain all historic costumes and props. Many of those people was happy to play the role of characters appearing in the film and show full engagement in helping completion of the film.

The film was available from 15 March 2013 in Cieszyn during a show of a renovated historic restaurant “Pod Brunatnym Jeleniem.”